Cargill’s “bright white” chocolate to visually transform bakery, confectionery and ice cream

Nov 11, 2021 — Dazzling crisp white chocolate destined to be a big hit on Instagram is Cargill’s new brainchild, taking inspiration from the adage that “you eat with your eyes”. The new line of ‘whiter than white’ chocolates were created to help turn sweet treats into eye-catchers with added visual intensity.

To achieve the extraordinarily white color, Cargill first designs carefully selected ingredients and used patented and proprietary processes to lighten the color profile. However, the company is not revealing exactly what makes this new white chocolate whiter than the traditional white.

Historically, white chocolate was actually cream-colored chocolate. A consumer test commissioned by Cargill shows that nearly 20% of consumers identify visual appeal as a critical factor influencing their purchasing choice and 92% voted “brilliant white” as being significantly whiter than other white chocolates on the market.

Talk to FoodIngredientsFirst, Cathrin Simon, Commercial Marketing Director, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, says consumer research suggests visual appearance is essential for confectionery products like pralines.

“We found that nearly six in ten consumers rated visual appeal as one of the top three factors in their purchasing decisions. Likewise, color and appearance have a significant influence on bakery and ice cream purchases, ”explains Simon.Chocolate is ideal for enrobing and decorating. (Credit: Cargill)

Visual appeal tops the confectionery charts
For the bakery, one in two consumers believe visual appeal is necessary and four in ten even specify color as a key factor in their decision-making process.

“The category of ice cream is also strongly influenced by the visual impact, whatever the type of product. From sticks to pints, about one in two consumers place significant importance on visual appearance, ”explains Simon.

Cargill chocolate engineers recommend that “bright white” stand out more from dough, ice cream or intensely dark pudding with cocoa powder.

The growth potential of “bright white” is significant as Cargill has a global presence, particularly in the dynamic markets of the United States and Asia. The company’s recent survey found that most American consumers indulge in a chocolate treat every day as a mood or energy booster.

Asia Pacific is an important emerging cocoa and chocolate market where Cargill can diversify its product portfolio and R&D skills. The company has identified the region as ideal for supporting product development and business growth.

Patents on the white pigment
The clarity of the white pigment has been achieved through patented and proprietary processes to lighten the color profile. Specific production processes are also in place to maintain the color of the chocolate.

While ‘Brilliant White’ was created for visual appeal, its flavor profile is advanced – a rounded taste with a subtle vanilla flavor and luxurious texture. It does not contain any artificial ingredients. Chocolate is ideal for enrobing and decorating and can be used in bakery, cereal, confectionery and dairy applications.

Matthieu Rouvillain, Senior R&D Manager at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate says: “Our new bright white chocolate reinvents what is possible with a whiter than white recipe that truly dazzles.

The chocolate aligns with other consumer trends by using Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa beans and is a clean label with no additional or artificial ingredients.

“Brilliant White” is available as solid or liquid chocolate and in easy-to-melt formulas. With Cargill’s Smet Decorating Group, customers can turn glossy white chocolate into various solid shapes for use in special decorations or inclusions.

By Inga de Jong

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