Califia Farms launches probiotic dairy-free yogurt drinks

LOS ANGELES- Californian farms®, best known for its innovative herbal drinks in distinctive curved bottles, achieved an unprecedented product launch with the introduction of its new range of Probiotic dairy-free yogurt drinks that are already scanning in nearly 7,000 stores in 47 states coast to coast. More than 42 retail chains have accepted the product to date, with wide multi-channel adoption in conventional grocery stores, natural and specialty products, convenience stores, drugstores and mass retailers. Califia Farms is disrupting a fourth category by launching its award-winning probiotic yogurts and building on the tremendous growth the brand has already achieved with its best-selling plant-based milks, non-dairy creams and ready-to-drink cold-brewed coffee. .

“The immediate appeal of our new probiotic dairy-free yogurt drinks in a wide variety of retail channels underscores the increased demand and massive acceptance of innovative plant-based products that have excellent taste profiles,” said said Greg Steltenpohl, co-founder and CEO of Californian Farms. “In just four months after launch, our probiotic yogurts have almost 28,000 distribution points, which is a major achievement for an independent company like Califia. To put it into perspective, it normally takes several years for new products to incubate in Natural and Specialty stores before being picked up by traditional retailers. This represents a real turning point for the future of the category.

Califia Farms’ new probiotic yogurts align with the growing trend for drinkable yogurt as more consumers seek convenient and on-the-go options that are nutritious and low in sugar. According to the recent Breakfast Product Trends Report from Packaged Facts, retail sales of drinkable yogurt and yogurt smoothies grew faster than any other category at 19.9% ​​to $ 760 million in 2016 to $ 911 million in 2017. The report also predicts that drinkable yogurt will continue to increase a further 13% by 2022.1

Califia Farms Dairy-Free Probiotic Yogurts took two and a half years of R&D to perfect their unique almond, coconut and oat blended base and the trio of probiotics that make up Califia Culture Blend â„¢. Powered by BB-12, the most documented bifidobacterium in the world and well known for its effectiveness on digestive and immune health, Califia Culture Blend provides 10 billion CFU of live and active probiotics at the time of consumption. Califia Farms is the first to batch ferment strain BB-12 into a non-dairy yogurt, providing probiotics as part of the complete feed, instead of being fortified and added at the end. Available in multiple and single servings, yogurt drinks come in four dairy-free varieties – Strawberry, Super Berry, Mango, and Unsweetened Plain – all of which are delicious, creamy, low in sugar, and flavored from real fruit. .

About Califia Farms (pronounced “Cal-ih-FEE-ah” like California)

Inspired by Queen Califia, the mythical namesake of the State of California, Los Angeles-based Califia Farms was founded in 2010 and has become one of the fastest growing natural drink companies in the United States. United States. in the market artfully packaged in disruptive curved bottles, Califia is a leading brand of chilled nut milk, non-dairy cream and ready-to-drink coffee in natural and specialty channels. Califia is also rapidly expanding into a range of other channels creating innovative, flavorful and healthier premium drinks that make it easy for consumers to switch to “plant propellants” and live dairy-free, without compromise. More recently, Califia launched a revolutionary line of dairy-free probiotic yogurt drinks. Califia’s mission is to discover and share “what plants can do” to help achieve whole body health, as well as to encourage wider adoption of plant-based foods and beverages for the benefit of. our planet.

1 Breakfast: US Retail Product Trends and Opportunities, 2nd edition; Posted Jul 23, 2018

Source: Califia Farms

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