Bognor Regis Ice Cream Shop Wins First Prize at the “Ice Cream World Oscars”

Pinks Parlor in Waterloo Square, Bognor Regis, has won three awards at this year’s National Ice Cream Championships, hosted by the Ice Cream Alliance for 76 years.

Although they have never competed before, the Pinks Parlor team have won the competition’s highest honor: the ‘Champion of Champions’ award, which recognizes the best overall flavor in the UK, opposing the flavors of all other categories to each other. to find the best ice cream in the country.

“We really can’t believe it,” Ms. Alston said. “We planned to compete over three years, get feedback every year and make better and better ice cream. But we didn’t know, we won it the first year. We really weren’t expecting it. “

Katy Alston and her son Henry received their award from Phillip Mancini, President of the Ice Cream Alliance.

It was the ice cream shop customers’ favorite pistachio flavor that prevailed. A winner in the open flavors category, it faced premium entrees from across the country to be crowned the UK’s best scoop.

“It’s really hard to get good pistachio ice cream because pistachios are expensive. So it’s pretty hard to get the balance and we felt we got it,” Ms Alston said. “We’re really critical of our work. There are flavors that we’re constantly changing to make sure they’re the best they can be and, with our pistachio, we think that’s where we are at. . “

Along with the open category and the champion of champions award, the salon also won the alternative flavors category for its dairy-free and vegan Pina Colada.

Ultimately, however, it was an honor for Ms Alston and the rest of the Pinks Parlor team, a significant recognition of all their hard work over the past few years. “We’re judged by people who are at the top of their game, people who really know their stuff. And some of the comments were amazing, they said it was the best pistachio they’ve ever tasted, that it had the best texture. And these are people whose entire lives are ice cream. We’re so, incredibly proud. “

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