Batsheva Hay Weathers Fashion Week with Epic Walks and Breakfast Ice Cream

“There is no dispensing system that works like a regular glass of milk,” says Batsheva Hay, an anchor in a sea of ​​changing dairy preferences. Does that make her a proverbial “hot girl”? “Yes, 25 people sent this to me. It’s so funny. I really like whole milk! The designer speaks of a place of pragmatism (“I try to keep my bones strong”) and understanding (“Total respect to all those who do not consume any animal products or cannot absorb milk”). But when it comes to your own coffee, whether it’s a pour-over cup or a homemade bodega, there’s nothing made from peas, oats, or pistachios. . The New Yorker respects tradition, except when she doesn’t.

Hay founded her namesake brand, Batsheva, in 2016, growing from a career as a lawyer to a career in making puff-sleeve dresses for thoughtful women (and sometimes their children). Margaret Qualley, Aidy Bryant, and Jordan Castle are fans; those outside the fashion fold received the memo at this year’s inauguration, when Ella Emhoff wore a personalized Batsheva number with clompy boots. Whatever the word meadow is associated with the label, you are just as likely to recognize a tribute to the first Cindy sherman filming stills in the brand’s images (with the designer playing the role of muse to her photographer husband, Alexey Hay); a recent lookbook features the New York nightlife icon Susanne Bartsch in a twisted domesticity scene.

This duality is part of Batsheva’s call. There is the self-awareness, the meaning of Instagram, the unexpected subversions. (Witness the red plasticine dress that Jemima Kirke recently brought to the Sex education first.) And then there is the Batsheva of universal nostalgia and piety. This three-day wellness diary, which tracks preparations for the spring 2022 Batsheva show, covers it all. The quirk appears through her runway playlist: Ministry, a cover of The Fantasticks, Charles Bukowski’s poem “Style”. There is also religious observance, as it swears to forgo technology during Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat. How the hell do you do that in the last breath before a fashion show? “I mean, it’s selfish. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish with your time and mental energy, ”says Hay, putting a note for a well-planned auto-reply email, to delegate tasks to a competent team.

Make-up artist and model Alice lane, after walking in Batsheva’s Spring 2022 show.

Courtesy of Batsheva Hay.

This means that Hay waited a whole day to read the reviews; instead, she focused on permeating it all. “The whole of a fashion show, it’s so extravagant to spend so much time and money on something that lasts 10 minutes. It’s like having a wedding for your dresses, you know? Hay says. “There are people who are so stressed all the time. And then there’s the occasional bride who says, “I had the best time.”

Wednesday September 8

8:45 am: To wake up. It’s Rosh Hashanah, so I stayed up late eating too many cakes, challah, rugelach. In general, I like to cook, it’s a meditative activity that I get into. But this time, I only went to other people’s meals. I was just there for the trip as far as the food was concerned. I wake up after 8 a.m., but I don’t work all day. I just spend time walking with my family. I drink two whole milk iced coffees, a kind of cold brew from a nice glass bottle.

9:30 am: I have two young children (my daughter is 8 and my son is 6) and they play very well on their own. I often sit in a large, comfortable chair and sit in the corner of one of their bedrooms while they play together. The kids and I have ice cream today for breakfast, which somehow suits me. I convince myself that whole vanilla ice cream is pretty healthy, in the purity of its ingredients.

11:30 am: I walk alone for four hours, to the city center and to the top. This is exactly what I need after working so hard for the past few weeks. I have no phone, no wallet, no money on me. I wade through the streets on my way down and attend a cocktail party at Spring Studios for the CFDA /Vogue Fashion Fund. I realize I don’t even have my ID, so I stand there in my PVC dress for a while before they can bring someone in to let me in. I go up the river going up. I scrupulously observe these Jewish holidays and I feel very sane to disconnect from the world. Plus, it’s fashion week, and I have a show in two days.

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