Basingstoke Summerdown Mint Farm helps create delicious new ice cream flavor for Hampshire company Jude’s

A mint farm in BASINGSTOKE has teamed up with a Hampshire-based ice cream company to create a special vegan flavor.

Oakley-based Summerdown has teamed up with Jude’s Ice Cream, made in Twyford, to create the mint chocolate flavor as part of Jude’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

This rich and creamy, yet delicately flavored mint ice cream is rippled with a velvety chocolate swirl and rich dark chocolate chunks.

The flavor was made from Black Mitcham English Peppermint, which has been grown, harvested and distilled on the family’s Summerdown farm for three decades.

Head of Sales and Marketing at Summerdown, Jo Colman said: “We are delighted to share this fantastic mint chocolate ice cream which recognizes a long friendship between two like-minded Hampshire brands.

“We are both certified as a B Corporation and are equally passionate about sustainability and delicious food. Collaborating to produce a product that celebrates the unique craftsmanship of both brands was a natural step.”

The two farms are just over 20 miles apart and the new flavor is plant-based as part of Jude’s commitment to make 50% of its lineup vegan by 2025.

Jude’s is committed to reducing its carbon intensity and plant-based ice cream has, on average, a 40% lower carbon footprint than dairy.

Jude’s doctor and one of Jude’s sons, Chow Mezger, said: “It was an absolute joy to have the expertise of the peppermint people at Summerdown to create this wonderfully balanced mint chocolate ice cream. .

“The Plant-Based Mint Chocolate is incredibly creamy, and I love how the smooth ice cream, chocolate ripples, and crunchy chocolate chips work together.”

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The flavor has already been recognized – winning a Great Taste award.

It’s available to buy from 31 August at an RRP of £4.80 for 460ml.

The flavor will be available exclusively at Ocado and Jude’s Gift Shop.

Hampshire Chronicle:

Summerdown Farm grows English peppermint on 100 acres, which it processes into peppermint oil. He started growing mint in 1995 when Sir Michael Colman and his farm manager brought some from America. Previously, the family was known for making mustard.

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Every peppermint plant on the farm today is tied to those original cuttings taken by Sir Michael and has become completely acclimatized to the environment, which makes the flavor and aroma of Summerdown Mint so refined – and unique.

Summerdown was the second farm in the UK to be certified as a B Corp, meaning it meets high standards of social and environmental performance.

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