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Maker’s Mark Salted Caramel Shake at 25 degrees

There is no better way to drink in the bliss of a fleeting summer in Chicago than through a straw in a thick and velvety milkshake. This shake season, we couldn’t help but notice how the chefs’ creations have transcended the traditional varieties of fast food (which we still love so much). In search of the best, most creative, and outrageous shakes, we’ve sipped and sipped all kinds of frozen treats to bring you this list, tailored for the kind of liquid fun you’re looking for.

Those with demanding taste buds are looking for Allium, where Four Seasons pastry chef Scott Gerken shakes ingredients by hand. His repertoire includes three ultra creamy options: two rotating peaks (currently peach and caramel popcorn) and the mainstay, butterscotch ($ 5), anchored by Homer’s vanilla ice cream and swirled. with a rich caramel sauce that contains real miso paste. The result is 14 ounces of ragweed, which Gerken says is meant to be shared. We say the opposite. Four Seasons, 120 E. Delaware PL .; 312-649-2349

If you prefer your frozen treat fully loaded with homemade baked goods, pull out a Bad Happy Poutinerie. You’re already sabotaging your diet, so you might as well get into a gangbuster with a shake ($ 5 for 12 ounces). Wrapping an entire slice of yellow foil cake and littered with rainbow sprinkles (which unfortunately settle to the bottom), the weirdly lumpy birthday cake shake is the nirvana of your ten year old self. Ditto for the chocolate and peanut butter one, which contains chewy pieces of flourless chocolate cake. 939 Orléans Street North; 312-890-2165

If you crave a plethora of flavors, browse the selection at Choppers– the perfect place to unleash your inner chef shaker and combine the 15 options in endless iterations. Oreo Coconut Mocha? Why not! According to owner George Mavraganis, the key to his ice cream spoon treat is twofold: a soft ice cream base with a higher than normal fat content and real ingredients. These include chunks of apple baked with cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar with the surprising taste of apple pie, and strawberries, which are mixed with creamy peanut butter for the nostalgic PB&J (both $ 3.39 for 20 ounces). 1659 N. Ashland Avenue; 773-227-7800

If you exit the menu, view your insider information at Edzo’s, and try the Speculoos (made with a Belgian spread that tastes like gingerbread), the Elvis (peanut butter, chocolate and banana) or the Mudslide (Oreo and coffee). Secrets aren’t hard to uncover, and they’re not meant to be (there’s a jar of speculoos on top of the blender). In fact, owner Eddie Lakin freely divulges all the details about his fabulous 20-ounce ($ 4-5), from the ingredients (no-frills Kemps vanilla ice cream) to his secret weapon for creaminess (a spit machine to slow mixing). 1571 Sherman Avenue, Evanston; 847-864-3396

If you’re looking for a buzz, tip back at the River North Burger Bar 25 degrees. The 16-ounce spiked shakes satisfy both the craving for alcohol and the craving for a creamy, oily stem in a malt-style glass. All eight concoctions are mouth-watering, but the best we tried was the Maker’s Mark Salted Caramel ($ 10). While standard Häagen-Dazs vanilla serves as a base, a touch of Hawaiian red sea salt (made reddish by the volcanic clay, which also imparts a subtle earthy appearance) and a trail of homemade butterscotch add zing. . Bottom up! 736 N. Clark Street; 312-943-9700

Photography: Anna Knott

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