6 Crazy Home Ice Cream Combinations You Must Try

Swear whatever you want with custards, soufflés and mille-feuilles but nothing soothes the soul like good old ice cream. It is probably the most versatile food there is. If you are happy? You have ice. What if you are heartbroken? You have ice. Sad? Ice cream. Stress ? Ice cream.

Celebrate something? Ice cream. Cure boredom? Ice cream. This cold and creamy treat is our food choice for any mood.

Now we’re all for the classics, but you know us, we’re suckers for a fair amount of weirdness. And God knows we urgently need it right now. So we’re grateful to Foothills Creamery for helping us spice things up a bit (in some cases, literally) with some really insane and easy-to-make ice cream combos.

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Why entrust them with these ideas? Because they have been in the dairy industry for 50 years and are one of the rarest players on the market to offer 80 flavors of ice cream, sorbets, sorbets and soft-serve!
Together, we’ve selected 6 of their best-selling flavors and turned them into unique, fun and downright crazy recipes. Buckle up!

But first, an honest confession: all tried, all loved!

Old-fashioned vanilla with pineapple, lemon juice and ginger juice

We thought we would kick off this list by giving some vanilla ice cream love! All you need to do is take pineapple chunks, preferably fresh to avoid sugar overload, then squeeze out a few drops of lemon juice and an equal portion of ginger juice. Toss everything with Foothills Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream and give your taste buds a kick.

Shark attack with cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of cheese crackers

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For each scoop of Foothills Shark Attack, add approximately 1 “x 1” cube of cheddar cheese (shredded) and sprinkle with coarsely crushed cheese crackers. Think of this combo as a deconstructed cheesecake. The raspberry and vanilla in the ice cream take care of the fruity and creamy aspect, the cheddar brings salt and, of course, the cheesy flavor and the crackers are the crunchy equivalents of the base of the cheesecake. A delight!

Maple nuts with soy and bacon

Pour a generous amount of soy (normal, not dark) over your Foothills Maple Nut ice cream for a nice sweet and tangy flavor. Then add a spoonful of bacon crumbs. Yes, that sounds crazy. And yes, it tastes crazy but crazy for good.

Mint and Caramelized Cauliflower Chocolate Chips

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It’s simple but takes a little longer to prepare. First, you caramelize the cauliflower by cooking cauliflower drizzled with oil and sprinkled with sugar in an oven preheated to 425Ëš F. Unless you want the strong flavor of olive oil. , it is better to use vegetable oil with neutral flavor. Then, place the sweet and sizzling cauliflower on your cold foothills mint chocolate ice cream and indulge yourself.

Lactose-free roasted coconut with balsamic and sea salt

If dairy isn’t exactly your thing, look no further, this is the thing for you! We’ve had a sea salt and caramel flavor for ages, it’s about time we brought some of that punch to our toasted coconut as well. Mix a few drops of balsamic vinegar and add just a pinch of salt to your ice cream. If you find the balsamic vinegar too hot, you can even replace it with soy.

All Canadian Moose with Fries

Photo via @Foothillscreamery / Instagram | Curiosity group

Thanks to our crowded McD and Burger King platters, we’ve all tried soft brushed fries at some point in our lives. This recipe is a legitimate version of that crash. For this combo, you obviously need Foothills All Canadian Moose Ice Cream, as well as about 10-12 extra crispy fries. Break the fries into bite-size pieces, add them to your chocolate-vanilla-peanut butter flavored bowl and dig.

Want to try these combos? Well, that won’t be difficult considering that Foothills Creamery is available in all of Calgary’s major grocery stores and even some local ice cream shops. To see the full range of flavors, check out their website.

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