53 Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes for Vegans

You don’t need an ice cream maker to make decadent, delicious, creamy ice cream all summer long. All you need is a high-speed blender and some frozen fruit. These fantastic and wholesome vegan ice cream recipes are all dairy-free and made from liquid bases like coconut or almond milk – and they’re definitely perfect on a hot day serving up frozen goodness without the side effects of dairy.

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Best vegan ice cream

Do you like tropical flavors? You’ll love the pineapple and coconut infused vegan ice cream recipes. Citrus enthusiast? Lots of oranges here! And everyone loves chocolate ice cream, so why not make some in your blender in minutes?

Finally your summer ice cream break box be healthy, as evidenced by these 53 vegan recipes. Many of these healthy treats can even be served for breakfast or lunch, such as banana blender ice cream, blueberry mango banana popsicles, green tea sandwiches and more.

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Grab your blender and start hoping for a heat wave!

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All my food life
blessed basil
The little cook
Elephantastic Vegan
Mixer Babes
Feast on fruit
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Healthy bites and bites
Namely Marley
Vegetables don't bite
Healthy bites and bites
Lauren Kelly Nutrition
Maria Ushakova
Mici Bakes
Vanilla flavored cake
Kathy Patalski
Chronicles of passion
Desire for nature
Brew happiness
Desire for nature
Kathy Patalski
Plant Strong Vegan
The pretty bee
Real Food Deals
Vegan Richa
The Vegan Monster
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Mary's test kitchen
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Sinister Seeds
Sweet Simple Vegan
The vegan chickpea
Including the cake
Vegan style food porn
Cupcakes and kale
Love me, feed me
Curls n Chard
shared appetite
rebel recipes
A hint of sympathy
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Vegan high-tech mom
domesticate me
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