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Do dairy products cause acne breakouts?

A few months ago, everyone on TikTok started drinking chlorophyllin – better known as liquid chlorophyll supplements – which is believed to have therapeutic effects on the body. The bright green pigment plays a crucial role in photosynthesis (remember seventh grade?) That said, most internet users were primarily trying the …

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12 ways to make plant-based dairy products at home

People are reducing their consumption of dairy products for a variety of reasons, such as health benefits, ethics, and environmental sustainability, but the demand for plant-based dairy products may be partly due to the increased availability of alternatives. . Not to mention, food bloggers regularly come up with creative ways …

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Fall in sales of Saputo amid an ongoing pandemic, drop in dairy product prices – Montreal

Profits at global dairy giant Saputo Inc. fell in its most recent quarter as its results were compared to the surge in retail sales recorded at the start of the pandemic last year, the Montreal-based company said on Wednesday. The cheese and dairy maker said it was also faced with …

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