2021 dairy contest winners announced at Great New York State Fair

Fri Aug 27, 2021 10:50 a.m.

Annual tradition showcases world-class dairy products in New York City

√ Upstate Farms awarded gold for best liquid milk; Stewart’s wins the money; Old Chatham Creamery named Grand Champion for its Camembert

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Richard A. Ball announced the winners of the 2021 Dairy Contest on Dairy Day at the Great New York State Fair. Twelve cheese makers were recognized this year, including Old Chatham Creamery of County Tompkins, which won the Grand Champion Award for its Camembert cheese. Upstate Farms received gold for the state’s best performing milk, while Stewart took home silver.

Ball said: “. New York’s dairy farmers and processors are some of the best in the country, and their commitment to the farming community is reflected in the milk, cheeses, sour creams, cottage cheeses and more that they’re so proud of. to produce. I am very honored to participate in the awards ceremony again at the Great New York State Fair and spotlight some of the amazing products that use the milk of our more than 3,600 dairy farmers statewide. .

The annual Dairy Day awarded 12 processors and cheese makers from across the state, in addition to its fluid milk producers, gold or silver honors, or an award of excellence. This year, there were 116 entries in the cheese categories.

Other highlights of the competition include:

√ Upstate Farms also won gold in the Flavored Milk category.

√ Stoltzfus Family Dairy of Oneida County won gold in the Fluid Milk from Small Processors category as well as in the Chocolate Milk category.

√ Upstate Niagara won the most medals overall, with a total of 19. It won gold in the Flavored Milk, Dip, Buttermilk, Mozzarella, Ricotta and Sour Cream categories .

√ Great Lakes Cheese won gold for their Cheddar and Aged Cheddar, winning a total of six medals.

√ HP Hood won the Gold Medal for its Whole, Low Fat Cottage Cheese and also won the Excellence Award for its Whole Cottage Cheese.

Entries were submitted for 25 categories, including fluid milk, various types of cheese, sour cream, yogurt, dips and cottage cheese. The cheese classes were evaluated by 11 expert judges. This year, the Chief Justice was Alicia Heannings of the Milk Control Division of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

A full list of winners will be available on the ministry’s website.

In addition to the dairy competition, attractions and exhibitions on dairy products will be presented at the State Fair in the dairy building. The popular Milk Bar continues to offer 25-cent cups of cold white or chocolate milk, supplied by processor NYS Grown & Certified Upstate Niagara Cooperative Inc. This year, the last two weekends of the State Fair, Milk strawberry will debut at the milk bar. The famous butter sculpture is also on display in the dairy building at the state fair. Fairgoers can also enjoy a variety of toppings on New York yogurt at the Milky Bun Yogurt Bar. They can also buy a variety of New York cheeses from all over the state.

The Dairy Cow Birthing Center, located in the western area of ​​the fairgrounds, gives festival-goers the opportunity to witness live births of calves. Over 100 farmers, veterinarians, business representatives and agricultural students volunteer to assist with births and explain the process to the public. In addition, the dairy barn milking parlor offers live demonstrations, at 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. daily, to show how milk moves from the farm to the refrigerator.

Lawrence Webster, CEO of Upstate Niagara Cooperative, said: “Our nearly 300 farmer-owners and dedicated employees collectively put their hearts and souls into everything they do, and we are extremely proud that those responsible for the fair of New York State recognized their efforts. We look forward to continuing to provide fresh, safe and delicious milk and dairy products to feed our communities. “

Dave and Sally Galton, owners of Old Chatham Creamery, said: “We are delighted to share this award with our team of exceptional artisan shepherds and cheesemakers who exemplify Old Chatham Creamery’s high quality standards. What an honor to be recognized as New York State’s premier farm and dairy. “

The dairy industry in New York

New York is one of the country’s leading dairy producers, and dairy products are the state’s largest agricultural sector. Currently, New York has nearly 3,600 dairy farms producing more than 15 billion pounds of milk, or about 7% of the country’s total milk supply. New York is also one of the country’s leading producers of cottage cheese and cream cheese. Total cheese production also continues to grow, reaching over £ 1 billion last year.

Great New York State Fair

Founded in 1841, the Great New York State Fair is the third largest state fair in the United States. It showcases the best of New York City farming, delivers premium entertainment, and is a key part of the “CNY Rising” strategy to grow the economy of central New York City through tourism. Attendance at the fair has grown by more than 46% since the start of more than $ 120 million in investments, with 1.33 million people attending the state fair in 2019. The 2021 event takes place from August 20 to September 6.

The New York State Fairgrounds is a 375-acre exhibition and entertainment complex that operates year-round. Find the great New York State Fair on its website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and enjoy photos on Flickr. New Yorkers are also invited to send their ideas for the Great New York State Fair to [email protected].

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