17 times ice cream made the best ingredient

For some, the announcement of warmer seasons means new growth, sunny days and new beginnings. For us, it’s all about ice cream.

That’s why winter looks like a lot of waiting. If it’s too cold to eat ice cream, no one wants to get up from the couch. You know it’s true.

Spring opens the door to hope, and the time to release our beloved frozen candy is near. Ice cream season has arrived and the world can start spinning again.

Speaking of flipping, while ice cream is perfectly satisfying on a spoon, there are a few ways you can turn it into something even better. Prepare to get up.


Dive straight into this frozen sundae filled with fresh raspberries, peanuts, chocolate fondant and a crisp and soft honeycomb. Could it be too much ice so early in the season? Never!


Just in case you have any doubts about your immediate preparation for a full ice cream, can we introduce you to this chocolate / honeycomb / fudge brownie sauce tempter. We just want to dig in the middle.


We are going to pull it out slightly with the inclusion of fruit in it. Banana flambé with rum cooked in butter, sugar and cinnamon, that is to say. There is no fruit like a fruit fit for ice cream.


There really is no greater friendship than fruit and ice cream, as this mango, coconut, and lime party cake demonstrates. There’s also crispy meringue and squeezed grilled macadamias in there. It’s basically summer in a cake.


The only bad thing about an ice cream cake is having to share it. That’s why having your very own frozen strawberry cupcake is such a delight.


It’s normal for pouring oil into your ice cream mix to be rather odd, because the flavor of this olive oil ice cream cake is out of this world. Repeat, olive oil works great, great in candy.


Normally, we wouldn’t include a recipe that just puts ice cream next to the actual recipe. But that’s not what happens with this breakfast pie. The pie is the maple syrup, the ice cream is the pancakes … maybe click on the recipe because this amazing creation is just too hard to explain here. And yes, we are having this for breakfast ASAP.


Another American classic that got a makeover and we’re here for it. Black coffee and donut in the form of an ice cream sandwich. Don’t worry if we have two!


We roll on the theme of the ice cream sandwich, but this time it’s the baklava that is having a blast. It’s basically crushing pistachio ice cream between the layers of baklava. Can you imagine better?


We can’t leave ice cream sandwiches without mentioning this passion fruit pavlova number. You know you’re a winner when you smash passion fruit ice cream between two pavers.


Someone one day decided to put ice cream in a deep fryer and it was a spark of genius there with Bell and the phone. Like a bright light at midnight, fried ice cream shouldn’t work, but oh my god it works.


Fried salted caramel ice cream scoops topped with homemade salted caramel, a creamy, sticky feel. Thank you Jerry Mai for giving us the big spoon.


A dessert described as a “Turkish delight and ice cream mash-up” will always be on the list. Not only do these timpani look pretty as a picture, they are also damn irresistible.


You can make your own ice cream bars. You can! We love these pumpkin pie chocolate bars, but you can make them with whatever you like the most. We can attest that dipping ice cream in melted chocolate and refreezing is endlessly satisfying.


This one’s for all the vegans who would never say they run out of ice cream, but really miss out on ice cream. A mango and coconut frozen log is here for you.


This shortened kulfi lollipop recipe lets you turn a can of condensed milk into ice cream. What is it good !?


Perfect is kind of a budding ice cream, but we’ll allow it. Only because we are obsessed with this perfect Armagnac prune coffee. We’ve already recognized that fruit is the best ice cream, but coffee and alcohol are its bad buddies that don’t cook anything good. We’re going to get our coats.

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