15 Best Turkey Hill Ice Cream Flavors Ranked

Every summer, at least a few new ice cream flavors are released by the world’s most popular brands. In 2022, Jeni’s introduced its gray-hued flavor called Sunshine, which “tastes like sunshine on a cloudy day”. Ben & Jerry’s launched its Topped Dirt Cake flavor, vanilla pudding ice cream mixed with chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate cookie swirls, topped with chocolate ganache and a crunchy chocolate cookie crumble.

Many new flavors disappear from the shelves a few months after they appear, but others end up becoming customer favorites. That’s exactly how a popular flavor – chocolate chip cookie dough – was born. In Ben & Jerry’s lore, this flavor was created in 1984, when an anonymous customer suggested mixing balls of cookie dough into vanilla ice cream.

Now almost every ice cream brand has its own version of this flavor, including Turkey Hill. Fans rave that it’s an affordable, creamy version of their favorite flavor (via She Speaks). It features brown sugar and molasses ice cream swirled with dark chocolate chips and savory decadent bits of cookie dough for a deeper take on this popular flavor.

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