1 million pints of Brave Robot animal-free ice cream sold this year

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In just one year of launching, Brave Robot has managed to sell over a million pints of its animal-free ice cream. The brand creates its ice creams using Perfect Day’s bioidentical whey protein developed using precision fermentation, and says its sales figures represent the “countless demands” of consumers for “options.” durable products that offer taste ”.

Brave Robot, the animal-free ice cream brand launched by The Urgent Company, has already sold over a million pints in its first year of launch. Announcing its sales figures last month, the brand claims its ice cream tops the charts as the number one growth engine in the plant-based ice cream category.

The Urgent Company is a sustainable food company created by Perfect Day co-founders Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi of Perfect Day, in collaboration with Paul Kollesoff. Brave Robot was launched last year as the first brand, and the company has since added Modern Kitchen, the world’s first animal-free cream cheese, to its portfolio.

“Countless demands” for animal-free products

According to Brave Robot, record sales of its animal-free ice cream signify strong consumer pressure for more sustainable offerings. “These data points underscore what the company has heard from consumers: countless demands for smoother, more durable options that respect taste,” the brand said in a statement.

Brave Robot makes their ice creams using Perfect Day’s bioidentical whey milk protein, which is created using precision fermentation. The process involves encoding DNA sequences of real milk proteins into microorganisms, to ferment the same proteins without the need for cows.

In a life cycle assessment, Perfect Day found that its proprietary technology achieves an emission reduction of at least 85% and up to 97% compared to conventionally farmed dairy products. Brave Robot’s ice cream, which uses animal-free milk proteins from food technology, produces 34% less GHG emissions compared to its traditional dairy-based counterparts.

The brand, which started labeling all of its carbon pints a few months ago, says the million mark means its customers have helped save around a million kilometers in GHG emissions, the equivalent of traveling 40 times the circumference of the Earth.

More animal-free food on the horizon

Speaking about the success of Brave Robot, The Urgent Company’s vice president of marketing, Jon Spear, said he will continue to innovate new animal-free products to meet demand.

“We are delighted to see the market growth and the positive response from consumers who are rapidly changing their relationship with the food we eat and the planet we inhabit,” shares Spear. “We will continue to bring new options to market at the intersection of technology and food that put the future of our climate at the forefront, without compromising on taste. “

Outside of the United States, consumers can get their hands on pet-free ice cream in Hong Kong. Perfect Day’s dairy protein is used to make Ice Age ice cream in the city, the first non-US market to launch such an offering.

After launching Modern Kitchen’s animal-free cream cheeses earlier this month, The Urgent Company co-founder Kollesoff said The green media queen that more cheese products are likely to be in the pipeline. “Cream cheese is just the beginning of Modern Kitchen,” he told us at the time.

Cheese is poised to be one of the fastest growing categories among alternative fermentation-based proteins. Although animal-free cheese is a new concept for many consumers, a survey commissioned by Food Technology Formo suggests that consumer acceptance is already over 70%.

Formo, which is based in Berlin and works on animal-free mozzarella and ricotta, is one of a handful of startups focused on using precision fermentation to create cow-free cheese, including Change Foods and the new General Mills Renegade Creamery brand.

All images courtesy of Brave Robot / The Urgent Company.

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