Quick online debt collection for SMEs

For small and medium-sized companies, several unpaid invoices for large amounts can mean a disturbance of financial liquidity and even a threat of bankruptcy. If the contractor delays the refund, the worst solution is to passively wait for the refund.

In this situation, the most important is a quick payment reminder. If this is not effective, or you see that the contractor is playing for time, you should take firm steps. Loan and Credit.pl – an application created by Good money, a debt collection company that has been supporting corporate and small and medium-sized receivables for 27 years, gives such an opportunity.

Loan and Credit debt collection – fast and convenient, fully online

Loan and Credit debt collection - fast and convenient, fully online

The Loan and Credit.pl application means that cooperation with a debt collection company has never been so simple and without formalities. All you have to do is set up a free user account on the Loan and Credit website, log in to the application and attach a photo of the invoice that you want to collect.

If there are more invoices – you can use the application to send a statement of receivables in the form of an Excel file. It is also possible to enter data manually by completing the form. Each option allows you to order debt collection in less than a minute.

The order immediately goes to experts from Good money

And the goal of their actions is to recover the receivables as soon as possible. The basis at this stage are negotiations carried out by contact by phone, post and e-mail.

In addition, the debtor’s data may be published in the National Debt Register BIG SA, on the national debt exchange, in Google search results, and in justified situations – a field visit to the debtor is possible.

At Loan and Credit from Good money you will pay only for effective debt 

The settlement for Good money services is based on the success fee principle, i.e. the customer pays only for effective debt collection . The commission rates have been set out in the price list and vary depending on the type of case.

It is worth noting that as part of the recovery order, the creditor may recover from the debtor the commission he has paid for successful debt collection. The Act on payment deadlines in commercial transactions allows for this.

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